About Us


Dear client, you are our mission and reason.
We at Amaré Shoe Lounge are entirely committed to comfort, quality, and excellence in design because that is what you deserve.
Each detail of design and production is a labor of love. Love for shoes that are trendy, rich in quality, and comfortable.
We came together for a real passion for fashion and shoes and our sincere love for the planet. It is our compromise to treat this earth with care and respect for the generations to come.
For all these reasons Amaré Shoe Lounge says:
NO to synthetic materials.
NO to harmful substances.
NO to printing paper, which leads to the destruction of more jungles and forests.
NO to using boxes or unnecessary packaging materials that further pollute.
And we at Amaré Shoe Lounge say:
YES to recycling.
YES to putting our customer satisfaction first.
YES to smiles because they are hugs from the heart.
Mari Milly Vivi
#welovetheplanetandshoes #wedeserve #wedeservethebest